I would try to write something more PR related, but my mind can’t get over what has just happen.

After breaking my heart two weeks ago, the Ducks have done it again. Losing to an unranked Arizona team. I am speechless and though I fell emotionless, that is only because there are so many emotions fighting for control of me right now.

It’s hard to watch your team give such little effort and play so poorly. It makes me embarrassed of all the pride I had in them and all the confidence in them that I’ve given and projected throughout this year.

But from a PR viewpoint I’ll back up to the loss against Stanford. After the game former beloved coach, Chip Kelly, tweeted: Good game, Oregon. Which was clearly a shot at Oregon and the fans seeing how it was in fact a horribly played game and we lost it. From a PR perspective, I think we can all agree that this was a very poor move by Chip Kelly, especially in regards to his personal brand.

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