Being so close to finishing college, there are many things I have to learn to get use to and to change about the way I live, think and act.

One of those things is the way I use social media platforms. Until recently I have used social media just to socialize and connect with friends. Never in a professional way or setting. I now have to think about jobs and employers. Many of which will actively check my social media sites to learn more about me or to keep track of my activities.

I am beginning to create my personal brand and social media plays a very large part in that. I would never post anything that was too personal or crude on my social media before anyway, but I have to learn to especially censor my posts now. Future employers will check my social media to find out more about me, I can’t have posts that would hurt my chances or detour potential businesses from hiring me.

Funny as some of them may be, these are some examples of what  not to post on social media platforms:


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