With social media becoming such an integral part of our lives, it’s important to keep your personal brand and your companies brand up to date. College students such as myself are becoming important pieces to many companies. Because we are just about the beginning of the predominate millennial era we have grown up and into the social media way of life. We know what we’re doing.

Many older people are much less experienced with social media tactics and even simple operating. This is great for people such as myself because it means I’m needed and jobs will be there out of college. But how do you become successful at promoting a brand using social media. It’s easy to post what you ate for lunch or what show you’re going to see this weekend, but is it just as easy to keep a companies image and promote that image using the same social media outlets? No, it really isn’t the same at all.

Luckily, we’re being schooled during a time when social media is being integrated into our schooling. So we learn different tactics and things to help us be that polished social media professional by the time we leave our respective campuses. One factor that I’ve learned recently that is extremely helpful in promoting a brand through social media is utilizing visuals. Posting pictures and videos seems simple enough, because it is! But it might come as a surprise how many more views, likes, comments, retweets, etc. you will receive by taking such a simple step.

This tool isn’t going to do it all for you, you won’t automatically become a social branding expert after reading this. But my hopes is that it will cause you to think a little more about other simple tactics similar to this one and try to experiment with a few. Only then will you begin to grow into that expert you wish to be.

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