Ring Ring.


Pick up the phone.

That is the main point of an article I just read about people my age in the working world. http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2013/08/29/bosses-to-employees-pick-up-the-phone/

We are considered to be Millennials. Which means we were born in the 80’s 90’s or 00’s. I’m a 90’s baby and I wouldn’t consider those born in the early 80’s as Millennials, I think that term should start with those born in the late 80’s at the earliest. This article considers 80’s-00’s in the category though and it says that we don’t have sufficient telephonic skills.

It is true, we are the first generation to be born into the technological era. We know a thing or two about social media and about new technologies. We’re experienced when it comes to electronic communication. This article claims that that has caused a lack in actual communication. A lack in skills to communicate in a more timely and personal way. This article claims we don’t know how to communicate using a phone. But we have a smartphone or cellphone with us just about any time, how could we be bad at talking using the phone?

I think what the article has to say holds a good deal of truth and meaning in it. I have thought similar thoughts many times myself. I think in a working setting I can see how the phone in particular could be a point of concern, but I think any form of personal communication is being effected. We communicate through online messaging and text more often than any other form these days. Phone calls are almost expired except for in certain dire situations.

Being able to talk with clients on the phone is very important because a lot of clients will be older and will still be avid users of communication using a telephone. Being able to get things done using a phone can be much more efficient and a much quicker form of communicating. Though were people ever taught in telephonic skills in the first place? No. The issue is lack of experience, lack of using a phone in that setting. That is something that can be picked up extremely easily. That is something one can learn with the job, so I don’t think it should be presented as such an issue.

Outside of the office setting, I think the rise in technology and especially being raised in it has caused a deficiency in personal communication altogether. I think people these days don’t know how to talk and communicate as efficiently as we once could with people in a one-on-one or group setting while in person. I think that technology has created a barrier for all personal communication.

So something as simple as talking on the phone with clients shouldn’t be avoided because it will become a problem if it is avoided, but it will never raise an issue if embraced and practiced. It’s a simple task, especially for a college-educated individual. I think the real issue is the amount of technology use in our nations upbringings. Technology is important for our nations advancement, but we need to stick to certain basics, like being personable with people without an electronic device.

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