I do not have a LinkedIn account, yet. I have a small amount of knowledge about what LinkedIn actually is. I have received a few email invites to join and connect with certain people, but never took the leap.

People usually say that it’s similar to a professional version of Facebook. My understanding is that it’s solely used for professional networking, so for me it would mainly be useful for all media, advertising, public relations and broadcast networking. In my public relations class, J452, we had to put together a social media plan and implement it. Within my social media plan, learning more about LinkedIn and creating an account are two of my main goals. I found this link to help me learn about how to effectively create and use a LinkedIn account:

It’s title, 5 things people need to do more of on LinkedIn, works great in my situation. It sets up a road map for how I should start my LinkedIn account, as well as how I can be successful while maintaining it. Out of the 5 points, number one is most helpful to me because I haven’t created my account yet and it details some basics about what I should do when creating it. But number 3 stood out the most to me. It says, find reasons to follow up or respond. This stood out to me because I never really thought about it as a strategy. It’s obvious that it would be a good thing to do, but I always thought of it as just something to do on occasion or when something presents itself. I never thought to actually find a reason to do it and to put a good amount of thought into making it a part of my strategy.

So I haven’t created my LinkedIn account, yet. But when I do, I have some useful tools to help me create and use it successfully.

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