Ever since I can remember being old enough to truly know what was going on in professional sports, I remember having one NBA player as my favorite. He was flashy, he was quick, and man was he good. His name is Jason Kidd.

A lot of people didn’t understand how Jason Kidd could be my favorite player. They felt as if I should have chose a more traditional superstar. Well, I didn’t agree. Kidd was everything I wanted to be as a basketball player. He was versatile, third all time in triple doubles in fact. He knew the game better than anyone, and he was so fun to watch.

He earned his ring with the Dallas Mavericks wearing the number 2. But before he played for Dallas and wore that number 2, he played the best years of his life in New Jersey, as a Net, wearing the number 5. Kidd’s number 5 Nets jersey is one of the most popular jersey’s in NBA history. And last week, it was retired.

That’s right, no Net (now located in Brooklyn) will ever wear the number 5 again. This happened after Jason Kidd, sadly, retired himself from the game of basketball last year. It was a hard moment for me, but it was made better by the fact that the Nets almost immediately hired him as their head coach. Now, as Coach Kidd, he will get to look into the rafters every home game and see his name and his number hanging there, what an honor.

This honor was more than good for just Kidd though. This honor was great for the Nets organization. First of all, to bring Kidd back as head coach was brilliant from a PR standpoint. He did more for this franchise than nearly any other player who ever wore a Nets jersey had. He brought life to this team. But he’s more than just a Nets legend, he’s an all-time NBA legend. This was great for the franchise because not only did Nets fans absolutely love the move, the entire NBA fan base was so intrigued by the move that they had to pay attention to the new Brooklyn Nets organization.

Beyond just bringing in Kidd as a head coach, retiring a number is always a huge honor in any sports organization. But this was an extra special case as well as another beautiful PR move. No other time has an NBA player’s number been retired as that player was the head coach of the team it was being retire for. This was another piece of news that not only reached and excited the Nets fan base, but also reached out across the league, to all NBA fans.

Maybe I’m bias because I am such a huge fan of Jason Kidd, but I truly think that the Brooklyn Nets organization has been doing a great job to increase the popularity of its brand and to get some serious recognition from the NBA community.


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