Nearing the end.


I’ve been in College for a little while now and I love it. But, it’s almost time to pack up and move on. I’ll be finishing my double major this year and although I am super excited about that. I am also very scared. I’m scared because I’m nervous about what I’ll do next.

Will I find a good job? Will I like it? Where will I move? I absolutely do not want to move back in with my mom. I think most seniors would agree that it’s a scary thing graduating and moving forward to the next chapter in life, or “the real world” as people like to call it.

I’ve been doing what I can to prepare myself for what’s next and I will  continue to do that as this year progresses. One thing that definitely helps me is talking with professors and professionals, they always have good advice and are very reassuring that things will work out if I do what is necessary and work hard.

I’ve been dabbling in job searches recently to help me get a better idea of what it is I might be able to do or like to do when the time to actually apply for jobs comes. It’s an exciting process. Seeing all the possibilities and finding those couple jobs that really stand out to me, ones that I would really like. So in the end, yes it’s scary. But, it’s also very exciting and I’m ready for whatever is in store for me next.

Here’s a good article I found directed at finding a PR job, but I think most of the questions would be good for many different professions:

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