PRosThere are many misconceptions about what exactly it is that a PR professional does. As a PR major I get asked all the time what do you learn about? What do you do? What kind of job can you get with that?

I explain that I can’t just simply list everything that is involved in a PR professionals job. I tell them that PR professionals have such a broad variety of responsibilities, and when working PR for a company they are balancing multiple different things for that company. PR professionals are responsible for managing the entire image of who they work for, and when working at a PR firm that could mean for multiple separate clients. Being able to maintain that efficiently takes constant work and endless strategy.

In an article by Mickie Kennedy he lists 10 common misconceptions about the PR profession and the professionals who practice/work in the industry. A common theme within a number of the misconceptions was how easy the job is and how little PR pros had to actually do. Well, that’s just nonsense. PR professionals at PR firms in particular have to balance multiple clients at a time. Their job is more than just a normal 9-5, it’s a constant thing. Especially with crisis control. Constantly looking to do whatever possible to avoid a PR crisis takes a lot of hard work, and even more hard work goes into solving a crisis if one occurs.

So let it be known. PR is an amazing career for those who love to do it. But, it isn’t easy.


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