The civil war was yesterday, and it was one crazy adventure.

I went to Corvallis for the game. It was very hostile before the game. People take the civil war really seriously around here.

I was wearing my ducks gear of course, and seeing how the game was on beaver grounds most people weren’t very inviting. I got a lot of middle fingers in my face and I heard a lot of “fuck you.” Beaver fans are such haters. Not all of them, but a lot of them. I just smiled back and thought to myself, “just wait until after the game.”

Halftime was no different. They still thought they had a chance for some reason! it was 20-10 ducks lead. The Beavers scored early in the third and the score was 20-17. Then the Ducks took off and didn’t look back once. The game ended with a score of 48-24. the Ducks won!

The energy in Corvallis was definitely different after that. Beaver fans were no longer so quick to talk. Their season is over. They’ll play in some low level bowl, maybe. It was a huge turn of roles. Duck fans had the upper hand at that point, and beaver fans had no room to talk.

Now all the beaver fans have to talk crap about is that they beat Stanford. They just can’t let it go – the Ducks are just better. They’re much better. That’s a rivalry for you though, and the Ducks and the Beavers are some serious rivals. That will never change. These two fan bases will always give each other crap and the competitive spirit will always be high between the two.

Until the day I die I will always be a duck fan, and hopefully they will remain the better team until then and much longer.

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