I smell Tostitos?

Well the Ducks regular season has come to an end. With one more week of football we will see what pans out for all teams still to play.

Regardless of what happens, it looks like the Ducks will be going to the Fiesta bowl with an at-large BCS bowl bid. The Ducks most likely will be playing Kansas State in that game. That’s if they can win against Texas this week.

This is just a crazy thing to think about. Less than two weeks ago everyone thought that these two team would be playing each other. Except everyone thought that it would be in the BCS championship game and for the title. But instead, both teams took a loss on November 17th and as a result dropped out of the running for BCS champions.

Coincidentally it looks like they will still be meeting in the Tostitos Fiesta bowl on January 3rd. At this point it’s kind of funny.

The Ducks were suppose to play the Wildcats in their regular season last year and this year, but Kansas State backed out in fear. Then it looked like they would be facing each other in the national title game, until they both lost. Now it looks like it’s inevitable that they play each other. And this highly questioned math-up will happen. Unless Kansas State is just too scared and takes a dive to Texas this week. Let’s hope not.

This game will easily be a must-watch game. And in my personal opinion, it’ll be the best BCS bowl game this year. Even better than the championship.

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