Heroes is a TV show. Probably my favorite of all time. I love that show. Unfortunately I have watched all the episodes already.

I could watch it from start to finish all over again, which I will actually more than likely do. But I really just wish they would come out with another season! I am a series guy for sure, and I get really into the series I watch. I absolutely love finishing them, but I hate when they’re finished.

I’ve had many series that this has happened with. My new thing now has become having to find a new series I can learn to love. It hasn’t been very easy lately. No series are as good as some of the ones I’ve liked most. Doesn’t mean I’m going to quit trying – of course not. And there are some interesting series, but not the greatest.

Maybe it’s the season, maybe better series will come out or back once the spring or summer comes. I feel like the best series should come out in the winter though. I mean we’re inside WAY more often in the winter, especially in Oregon.

Maybe someday I’ll have some control over these things, but as of now I’m just a fan. So I’ll just have to continue trying to find a good one. I’ll end the rant by saying, SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME!

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