The Ducks and Beavers are far from civil. That name has never made sense. Civil and war put together is very contradictory. Those words shouldn’t work together. It’s never civil. The real war wasn’t and this rivalry isn’t either.

One thing I truly believe about this rivalry though is that both sides don’t take it as seriously. I might think this just because I am a Ducks fan, but I really don’t think that’s why. I truly believe that the Duck fans are more “civil” than the Beaver fans are.

Not all of them of course. But a lot of Duck fans hope that the Beavers do well; they want to see the Beavers play well. Many have different reasons for this. Oregon natives just want to see Oregon represented well and want all Oregon teams to succeed. For others it’s for a standings reason. The civil war is always the last game of the regular season for both teams, and the better the Beavers play the better they’ll be ranked by the time the civil war comes.

Some of you might wonder, why would their ranking matter to the ducks? Well, the better they’re ranked the better it looks for the Ducks when they beat them in the civil war. It helps the Ducks strength of schedule, which is something that in past years has hindered the Ducks BCS rankings when compared to the SEC.

I personally root for the Beavers to do well unless it’s against the Ducks, then obviously I root for the Ducks to kick their ass. I feel like a lot of Duck fans would agree with that. I don’t believe the same goes for Beaver fans. Not all, but a lot of Beaver fans hate on the Ducks at all times. They always root against them and root for them to do badly. They literally rejoice if the Ducks lose.

It’s stupid if you ask me. If their from Oregon they should be happy to see any Oregon team do well. It makes Oregon look good and puts our name out there.

It got to a point of disgust for me at the civil war yesterday(Saturday). I was at the game, and at one point during it the Ducks star running back, Kenjon Barner got injured and stayed down after a tackle. That’s when I felt like the Beaver fan’s hatred got out of hand.

Regardless of what team they play for, if someone is down on the ground hurt you don’t cheer and root because of it. Beaver fans were so happy and were rejoicing because Barner wasn’t getting up. We had no idea how serious it was, they didn’t care though. They were happy he was hurt, and when he got up some of them booed. Are you freaking kidding me!?

At that point I lost any amount of respect for Beaver fans I had. I couldn’t believe they would go that low. Regardless of how well the teams play or how much you dislike a team, you simply don’t root for a player to be hurt! That’s beyond sports, that’s inhumane.

I’m going to stop here because I don’t want to just keep rambling on about it. I’ll finish by saying that that is just plain and simply unacceptable behavior, and I couldn’t believe it. If you think this might sound a little like you – shape up.

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