It crazy to think about where time has gone.

When I think of the year 2000 it doesn’t seem like that was 12 almost 13 years ago. I was 9 and 10 years old! It’s just so weird to think about that. Now it’s about to be 2013 and I’m 22 going on 23.

Where has time gone? Most of the time I don’t feel this old. I wonder when I’ll get that feeling that yeah it has been awhile since the 2000’s. Even with a car – if I’m car shopping I don’t think a 2002 is that old. I think there are some really nice cars still from 2002. That’s 10 almost 11 years old though!

It’s almost scary getting old. I’ve been getting hurt and sore in places I never would have imagined. It sucks. I know I’m still not very old yet, but I do feel like I can start seeing the pattern. I can picture what might happen in the future and even in the near future.

There have been positives to getting older and I’m sure that will continue with the years. There are also things I’m looking forward to with getting older. Such as a career and a family – kids.

So it’s a win lose type of thing. But it’s inevitable. We all grow old and we all die. Two things that will never change.

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