My life has been so busy lately. I honestly believe that I have never been this busy for this long of a timespan ever before in my life.

School is obviously one of the main reasons for this. I am a double major at the University of Oregon and I just began both of my sequences this term. In doing so, I am taking all 300 and 400 level classes. Which has proven to be difficult, to say the least.

These last couple of weeks have been the worst. School has been at my throat and I feel like I’ve barely had spare time. It didn’t help my cause that I took charge and put on a huge event for my fraternity.

It was a tailgate for our alumni. Not just any rage hard in the parking lot tailgate though. This was official and classy. I went through an AWESOME company called TailgatePal, and I can’t even explain how well run that company is. I was pleased to work with them. Greg Wells, the owner of the company, was extremely helpful and was very easy to work with.

Just a little about the tailgate… It was right outside of Autzen stadium on the cemented  sidewalk literally steps away from the east entrance to the stadium. We had our own fenced off section with two huge tents. I had it catered by El Torito, which is great, authentic Mexican food. We had a 47′ flat screen TV with a number of chairs we set up once the game started. It was extremely cold, but we had a heater so that helped a lot. It was so cool. 200+ people showed up.

Now that all of that planning is over, it still won’t be getting any easier for me approaching the end of the term. I have two group projects left – both video productions. One is a music video of sorts and the other is a PSA. I also have my biggest story yet to write for reporting.

My life is going to take the hugest twist once this term is over and I’m on Christmas break. I’m not sure I’ll know what to do with myself. I’ve almost forgot what free time even is, let alone what to do with it.


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