22 – deuce deuce. That’s my number. And it seems to pop up everywhere in my life.

First off, I was born on the 22nd of May. So 22 is my birthday. 22 was my jersey number in junior college. My parking space at my house in Eugene is #22. The parking space at my friend’s apartment in Salem, where I’m at a lot when I’m back visiting, is also #22. The other month when I was a Comcast signing up for cable and internet I had to take a number in order to be helped. Guess what number that was… 22. Last week I was in this huge line at Starbucks and for some odd reason I thought I’d count the people in front of me. I was the 22nd person.

These examples pop up with me all the time. It makes me wonder if it’s just because I notice that number more or if it’s really attracted to me. Could it be that way with other numbers and I just don’t notice it? Maybe I should pick a couple other numbers and try to focus more on when they pop up in my life to determine if it really is just a bias.

Regardless of the bias theory, since my birthday is on the 22nd – when I turned 22 earlier this year It was my golden birthday. And this 22nd year of my life is my golden year. I did not come up with this, it’s a known thing. So if your birthday is March 7th then your golden birthday was when you turned seven, and that was also your golden year.

So far my golden year has been pretty cool but nothing overly special. I have literally only finished half of it, so maybe it’ll get better. I have no complaints though. Can’t really go too crazy as a broke college student. I have fun though, and I love being in college. Some would say I’m reaching an age where I’m considered old to be in college still. I’m ok with that. I love it in Eugene and I love going to U of O. I don’t want to be any other place right now in my life.

I already had my 22nd summer and that was awesome. My 22nd fall has been pretty cool so far. Next is winter, which is never really that cool. Then a little bit of spring before I hit 23. I love spring, definitely my favorite season. Hopefully this one is awesome. We’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of my 22nd year will bring!

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