B Roy.

Ever since I heard the news and the new NBA 2012-2013 schedule came out I have been waiting for today(technically yesterday).

Brandon Roy, the former Blazer rookie of the year, all-NBA athlete and all-star came out of retirement. According to the rules of his retirement, if he came out of that retirement he was not allowed to play for the Blazers again until 2015. Apparently he didn’t want to wait that long.

He came back this season and since he couldn’t play for the Blazers he signed a 2-year, 10 million dollar contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“Tonight” was the first time this season that the Timberwolves came to the Rose Garden. I’ve been waiting for this! B Roy’s return to Portland just happened to fall on the day after Thanksgiving, so I could go! I was ecstatic!

Only one problem arose before the game. Roy reinjured his knee and had to have his seventh knee surgery this week. He wasn’t even there tonight. Devastating, I know.

Other than not getting to see him play live again, it definitely hurt a lot to see him go through all of that. Just when I thought he might be able to come back and at least play for a little while longer. Not at the same level he had been, but still get to play at least.

It’s really unfortunate to see players with so much talent, like Roy, have their career shortened, ended or disturbed by injuries. Take D Rose for instance; He was MVP two years ago – an extremely talented young point guard with very high potential. Now what? We haven’t seen him play in a long time.

I feel for those players. And as a huge Blazer fan with a new, future superstar point guard to love in Damian Lillard – I just pray that he won’t be plagued with the same misfortunes as some of these other superstars have been.

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