Gosh, Thanksgiving food is so good. I just got done stuffing my face with stuffing, amongst other things.

I ate so much. I could barely believe it. I usually don’t eat a whole lot of turkey because I’m not a fan of it once it’s dry, but this year it was hot and juicy. SO GOOD!

I’m a big fan of cranberry sauce and there was 3 different kinds this year. Two homemade and one canned jelly. Oddly enough the canned jelly might be my favorite. Don’t tell my aunt and cousin.

I ate piles of ham and mash potatoes and went back for extra stuffing, cause that’s easily my favorite. I’m so incredibly full right now.

All I want to do is lay back and watch football until I fall asleep for a nice long nap. For me, naps are crucial for survival on Thanksgiving. Especially if I plan on even having a chance at Black Friday shopping. Without a nap I would become one of those people who we hear about on the news getting trampled. Good thing this football game is a blow out at this point. I won’t be missing anything by passing out.

The best part about today is that once I wake up later tonight we are having another Thanksgiving feast. A Thanksgiving lunch and dinner! With another turkey, another ham, more stuffing and all the other fixings. Couldn’t ask for a better day. Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

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