Uncle Ben.

I’m very excited to see my family tomorrow, and especially my two favorite little kids – Max and Ella. Technically, I believe they are considered my second cousins because they’re my cousin’s kids. But my family has always been very close, especially us cousins. So, I consider Max and Ella to be my niece and nephew, and I love them as such.

I am an only child in the biological sense. I have a 40+ year old adopted, Vietnamese brother named Quang. He is married, but they are unable to have kids. So my only chance at becoming an actual uncle is to marry a woman with siblings. Until then I’ll continue to spoil Max and Ella. With love mainly; I’m a broke college student.

Other than the kids I’m excited just to talk with and see everyone in my local family. Thanksgiving is a great day to convene with family. To catch up on things new, and to reminisce on the past experiences and memories.

I’m the only grandchild, actually the only family member at all, that is in college. So I usually get a good number of questions thrown my way. I enjoy it though, I’m a very talkative person and don’t mind talking peoples ears off; non literally. Especially when they’re asking for it; literally.

Tomorrow will be a very eventful day, and I am very excited for it to begin. I hope all of you have as good of a day as I’m planning on having.

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