Almost there.

So it’s about 11:15 on Thanksgiving eve, which means one thing. Thanksgiving is tomorrow!

In less than 12 hours I will be waking up and making my beautiful mother breakfast. One of my specialty omelets to be specific. Then we will embark on a day filled with wonderful and familiar faces, and food. Lots and lots of food.

We usually have most of our family get togethers over here, at my mom and aunt’s house. Yes, my mom and aunt live together. For this Thanksgiving we are having it as a lunch instead of a dinner and having it over at my cousin Lauren and her husband Nick’s house.

I don’t mind much because that’s where the kids live, so all of their toys will be there for us to play with. I love playing with the kids.

I’ve decided I will not eat any more until that lunch. I stopped at about 9:15 tonight, and though an omelet for myself tomorrow morning sounds wonderful, I need to save all the room possible for the feast of the year.

Gah! I need to think about something else. The thought of the types of food, how much and how good it’s all going to be is making me hungry, which is driving me crazy! I just want it to be here already! I’m so excited! I must go now, I need to occupy myself with something else. Happy thanksgiving eve everyone!

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