New BCS standings have just been released.

The Ducks could have easily jumped up to #1 from #2, but instead they dropped to #5. This is Due to the tragic loss in overtime last night. The #5 spot isn’t devastating though. We’re sitting at a decent spot, and the best news is… potentially, we could still go to the BCS championship game!

At this point Notre Dame is #1, Alabama is #2, Georgia is #3 and Florida is # 4.This is what needs to happen for the Ducks to make it to the national title game.

Notre Dame has one last game; against the USC Trojans. Despite their record, USC has a very good team. They could easily upset the Irish. Alabama and Georgia have to play each other in the SEC championship game, if they don’t get upset before then. Florida has to play a great team this weekend. Not only a good and high ranked team, but their rival Florida State.

To recap, If Notre Dame loses to USC then Oregon will have a great chance to make it to the BCS championship. Because either Alabama or Georgia will drop below them depending on who wins the SEC championship game. Whichever team wins that game will go to the BCS championship game. That’s where the toss up will come. With the loser of that game dropping below Oregon, the Ducks will jump to #4. If the Irish lose, it’ll be to an unranked team in USC. That will hurt them a lot – hopefully enough to drop them below Oregon as well. The Ducks would then be sitting at #3. The only team left is Florida, who has a big challenge against #10 Florida State this week. If they lose along with Notre Dame and we win out it’s very likely that we go to the national championship. If they don’t lose, we still have a chance to jump them because they won’t go to the SEC championship game and that could really hurts their chances.

If they win it’d be against the #10 team. The Ducks play the #15 Oregon State Beavers. Both strongly ranked teams, and obviously Florida State’s ranking is better than Oregon State’s. But here’s what could happen to help us jump the Gators.

Stanford plays UCLA this weak. UCLA has been playing extremely well lately. They hold the #17 spot in the BCS rankings right now; Stanford is #8. If the Bruins can beat the Cardinal this week than Oregon fans should be celebrating. There are many reasons that this would be great for the Ducks. The main reason is because that would give the Ducks an extra game. If the Cardinal take a loss this week then the Ducks will go to the Pac 12 championship. What makes that fact even better is that they would play the Bruins in the game. If the #17 Bruins beat the #8 Cardinal then they will surely jump a good number of spots, which will help Oregon’s strength of schedule tremendously if they play and beat them.

For Oregon that would be two top 15 teams in the final two weeks, and they would finish the season with no regulation losses, and overall only one loss in a very close game. If that happens, we would very likely jump Florida and be in that #2 spot at the end of the season.

Duck fans shouldn’t give up hope – We still have a chance! We should root against Notre Dame and Stanford mainly, and also against Florida. Those games aren’t going to be easy games for them to win. It is very possible that they all lose. This is a very important week in college football and the Ducks will be on the edge of their seats game after game.

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