Deb Morrison, a big inspiration to many, made a great point in my creative strategy class today. It hit me in the face as if she was speaking only to me.

I post blogs so sporadically, and the reason for that is I want my topics and my writing to be as close to perfect and full of backing as possible. That comes from my writing background. But that’s no bueno, and I have failed you, my readers.

In my headline I say, “my thoughts exposed,” but I have yet to truly expose my thoughts. Not to say that the posts I’ve wrote previously haven’t exposed my opinions and thoughts, because they have. What I mean is that I haven’t just spilled an overflow of all my thoughts like I intended and y’all expected. For this I apologize, and I will do what I can to change that.

We all need to realize that there is no room for being OCD about perfection in this industry. I’ve come to realize that while spitballing, we come up with some of the best ideas. Nike for example created their famous slogan from spitballing. Dan Wieden co-founder of Wieden+Kennedy, while meeting with Nike said, “You guys just do it.” BOOM! One of the most famous and successful slogans of all time discovered that easily.

So let’s all throw our need for getting every little thing right out the window, and get creative. Lets change the world! One spitball idea at a time… or more;).

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