The computers.

Another week has gone by and the newest BCS rankings have come out. Before I get into the heat of the ranking’s debate, let me give some background to this weeks action.

This week Oregon took on the USC Trojans and their tough offensive presence. The Trojans are the highest ranked team Oregon has faced this year. They have two of the best wide receivers in college football helping out one of the best quarterbacks in college football history, in Matt Barkley. This proved to be a new challenge for Oregon when the two teams faced off Saturday afternoon. The Trojans offense delivered a beating to Oregon’s defense. They put up a ridiculous 51 points and had many questioning Oregon’s ability to remain a contender for the national title this year. Oregon’s offense proved what they’ve got too though, and had many believing that they have the best offense in the entire nation. Kenjon Barner in particular had a great game setting a school record with 320 yards rushing and 5 TD’s to go along with that. Josh Huff and De’Anthony Thomas both had great games as well. But within all of these performances the one that stood out to me the most was Oregon’s quarterback Marcus Mariota. That kid can play some football. He is a true freshman and really showed his running and decision making abilities off well on saturday. Oregon’s offense pulled off the 62-51 victory with little help from their defense. A defense that many had been saying is the best defense Oregon has had in long time.

I agree with the fact that letting up as many points as the Duck’s defense let up is completely unacceptable for as good of a defense as the Ducks have. The thing I don’t agree with is how people are letting this performance immediately change their opinions about Oregon an about Oregon’s defense in particular. Oregon’s defensive coach Nick Aliotti is a great defensive coach and people need to give him more credit. Yes, the defense didn’t play well in this last week’s game but they were also playing a substantially better offense than they have played in any previous game this year. This is the first game for Oregon that their starters have played all four quarters and the first time they actually came against an opponent they could consider a competitor. Their defense looked ugly, but Aliotti clearly knows that and he will surely fix the problems for the future. I’d look for the Duck’s defense to prove something in these upcoming games after getting the criticism they have over this performance.

On a good note, the Ducks jumped back up in the BCS rankings and are now back at the #3 spot behind the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Kansas State Wildcats. Like I discussed in my previous post, the polls love their Ducks. They remained at 2nd in all the polls, but they also remained at 5th in the computers rankings. I say to that, BULLSHIT! It makes absolutely no sense at this point. Notre Dame who barely beat an unranked Pittsburg in triple overtime sits pretty at the #2 spot in the computers, which is complete malarkey. And a non-undefeated team, Florida, sits at the #4 spot above undefeated powerhouse Oregon. Talk about getting shafted. One of the computer polls have the Ducks as low as 7th which means three teams with losses sit above them. This shows the clear East Coast bias in the computer polls, and it’s not just that poll bringing Oregon down. The Ducks don’t sit in the top 3 in any of the computer polls.

The Ducks have earned a better ranking than what the computers are giving them. What do they need to do to get some respect from these damn computer polls; is it even possible?

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