I’ll keep this short.

Now I could go on and on about the current BCS standings, but I’ll try to keep it short. A lot of people would probably call me a homer or tell me I’m wearing green and yellow glasses. I’d say to them, “HELL YEA, SCO DUCKS!” Simple as that. So yes I am a HUGE ducks fan, but my stance and opinion are more educated then just some desperate fan’s opinion. I’ll cut straight to the point, if the Ducks win the rest of their games then they will be returning to the BCS championship game for the second time in the past three years.

I’ll explain a bit more. As of right now there have been 9 weeks of college football completed and this is the 10th week. The current BCS standings for the top 5 teams in the nation go as follows: 1)Alabama 2)Kansas State 3)Notre Dame 4)Oregon 5)LSU. LSU is a one loss team and the other four are undefeated. Alabama is scary good. It seems like they’re a whole level above everyone else right now. They do face LSU this week and will have to face a good team in the SEC championship, most likely Georgia at this point. Those two games will be good challenges for the Crimson Tide, hopefully. If they do end up losing one of their games and the Ducks win all of theirs then it’s basically guaranteed that the Ducks will be playing in the title game. If the Tide win all of their games then they are definitely going to the championship. Thats what most people expect will happen. The question the last couple of weeks has been who will be there with them?

I truly think it will be the Ducks. The standings are determined by two main things, the polls and the computers. The polls love their Ducks. Every one of the polls has the Ducks ranked 2nd, and thats how it’s stayed since the first BCS standings of this season were released on Sunday evening of week eight. The computers are what’s bringing the Ducks down. The computers have them at 5th currently, but up until this week had them at 6th. That’s what’s pulling them down into that 4th spot. The great thing for the Ducks is that the polls count for two-thrids of the voting on who plays in the championship, and as of right now they’re sitting pretty with that two-thirds. If they win the rest of their games and the PAC-12 Championship this season they will not drop any lower in the polls, and they will rise in the computers.

The reason the computers have them so low is because of strength of schedule. They don’t take into account the margin of victory or the fact that the Ducks second to fourth string players have played a substantial amount of time in every one of their games so far this year. They only take into account wins and against who. The Ducks haven’t had a chance to face any teams in the top twenty yet, but that changes this week when the Ducks face the USC Trojans. The ducks have a strong end to their schedule. The’ve only played two ranked teams so far but will face three or four more before the regular season and PAC-12 Championship are over. Two or three of which will be in the top twenty and the other one or two will either be in the top ten or fifteen. This will help tremendously with their ranking in the computers and ultimately will bump them up into the number two spot in the BCS standings overall and not just in the polls. This is all said with the assumption that no one makes it easy for the ducks. What I mean is that none of the top three teams lose. If they do that will make it much easier on the Ducks.

In the end, even if all of the top four teams remain undefeated, still look to see the Ducks playing against the Crimson Tide in the BCS National Championship game.

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