I love TV. I love watching sports, movies, series, and sitcoms. I love it all! If I had to rank the four it would have to go like this: 1) series 2)sports 3)movies 4)sitcoms. With number one being my favorite and two being my next favorite and so on. TV series are my favorite by a huge margin. I can get extremely obsessed with a good TV series. Some of my recent favorite TV series are Game of Thrones, The Voice, Survivor, Weeds, and Suits. I watch and I like plenty of other series as well, but off the top of my head those are some of my favorites right now. Some of my favorites of all time are Heroes and Greek.

Next comes sports, and my favorite sport to watch is basketball. I am a Portland Trail Blazers fan and If I’m not physically at the Rose Garden watching the game, I’m watching it on TV at home. I watch every single game they play. I watch any NBA game on TV though, unless it’s a huge blow out because that’s not very fun to watch. I like watching Football too. When it comes to Oregon Ducks football, I have gone to Autzen for every home game in the last three years. I watch all the away games on TV. Every sunday I watch the NFL, I’m a Carolina Panthers fan and, sadly, they are awful. I don’t watch much baseball but when I do it’s an Atlanta Braves game. They are my favorite MLB team. I don’t watch any NHL games, but I played hockey when I was younger and played for the Flames, so I am a Calgary Flames fan. I play soccer and am a big Manchester United fan and a huge Wayne Rooney fan. I watch other soccer games too, but it’s mainly when Manchester United is playing. I watch all post seasons for all sports, including big tournaments like the Olympics and the World Cup.

When it comes to my favorite movies it’s a much tougher decision. I’d have to list numerous movies I love. So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite movies of all time: Freedom Writers, Drumline, Coach Carter, 30 Seconds or Less, Accepted, I am Legend, and I Love You, Man. I like so many more movie than these, these are just some of the best in my book. My favorite genre is comedy, but I love a good sports movie too. Action adventure movies are very entertaining, but never really my favorite. And I love a good drama flick. Some of my favorite actors are Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Paul Rudd, and Justin Long.

Sitcoms are more sporadic that’s why they came in last. I like a good story. Sitcoms are funny and I love funny, but the story is only a short episode long and then completely changes by the next episode. And that’s only if there’s a story at all. Amongst sitcoms, some of my favorites are Seinfeld, Family Guy, South Park, Storage Wars, The league, and Workaholics. With sitcoms, there are just so many out there that it’s hard to list all of the ones that I like the most.

I like so many different things on TV that there is rarely a time when there isn’t anything on TV that I like. I’ve been watching TV the whole time I’ve been writing this actually, and now I’m going to continue watching some more. Happy reading everyone!

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