A vocal prodigy.

Negative messages are constantly being given to the youth of our nation. The kids and the youth of this nation are being taught, told, and influenced into believing things that are wrong for them to believe! My specific example involves a young man and his story.

His name is Trevin Hunte. Trevin is a contestant on season three, this current season, of NBC’s hit vocal competition The Voice. When I heard him tell his story I was blown away to hear that this actually happened to him, and by his teacher of all people. Then to hear him sing and the song he chose brought tears to my eyes and chills all up and down my body.

Here’s a brief part of Trevin’s story: “My parents came from Guyana. My father’s been a garbage truck driver ever since I could remember… I’m born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York. We didn’t always have the best things. We’d go to sleep to gunshots ringing in the ear, and wake up to ambulance running across your neighborhood… Music has always been that thing I could run to. It always completes me no matter what. I wasn’t always the most confident person in the world. In middle school I got a chance to apply for a performing arts school, and I needed recommendations from all four of my teachers. I got three and there was the last one, so I went to her and she looked me in my face and told me ‘you’re wasting your time, your never going to be anybody.’ It was a hard time for me… But I am going to be something, and this is my time… It’s been a long, long journey, eighteen years and I’m here now.” Then Trevin took the stage and delivered this: 

This eighteen-year-old boy has one of the best voices I have ever heard in my entire life. Without any formal training or teaching, just pure God-given talent. And he was denied that training and teaching because his teacher wouldn’t believe in him and wouldn’t even help him have a chance. That is so disgusting to me. That out of everyone it was a teacher of his that told him he couldn’t do it and he wouldn’t make it. A teacher is suppose to help and guide their students toward their dreams and toward success. They are definitely not suppose to be the ones discouraging and leading their students away from that. It hurts me to know that there are other Trevin Hunte’s out there receiving similar negative messages. Some that probably took it to heart and are now wasting their exceptional talents because some teacher, or some adult figure, or even some media outlet gave them a negative message or told them they couldn’t do it.

Thankfully Trevin didn’t give up when these people told him he wouldn’t be anything because now look. The YouTube video of his audition is about to reach two million views and he is easily the favorite to win this season of the voice.

I believe this can teach a lot about how something said to a child or an adolescent has the potential to affect the path they take in their life. That can be tied together very tightly with the way things are projected through media as well. So watch yourselves before you go creating, saying, or posting things directed towards young people because you could unknowingly be influencing the path they take in life.

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1 Response to A vocal prodigy.

  1. Erica says:

    good points here. take this a bit further and explore this from a creative and critical perspective. how might the format of the show contribute to the sensationalist nature of the story? what are the ramifications of this? think deeply.

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